Website & Software Development

Having a website is indispensable for every business. It is one of the most important part for developing a solid branding and marketing platform for a company. Let’s face the facts, a website is the extension of your brick and mortar operation and it is more likely that new business growth will come from a company’s website than your traditional operations. A website should incorporate an organization’s mission, vision, culture, value proposition and processes. All these elements are the unique elements of an organization.

At A & H Technology Group, we provide ourselves for having developed a process that works. Our website development process provides us with the ability to transform organization’s vision, identity and ideas into a tangible idea that is interactive, highly scalable, cost effect and provides a great user experience. Let’s deal with reality. It is all about the customer and if the customer has a great experience then an organization will see repeat interaction from the customer.

At A & H Technology Group our Business Developer Specialist, Project Manager, Designer, Website Developer and Tester works very closely to construct a website that’s stylish easy to navigate and appeals to a company’s target audience. Whether a company’ requires a basic business content type website to a more robust dynamic website, we can develop that wow solution for any business.

Our Methodology Every company may utilize some form of our concepts to develop websites. What’s make A & H Technology Group unique is how we communicate with our customer throughout the production process. We have a Service Center Portal (SCP) where our customers can obtain up to date information on their project and communicate with their development team. This methodology ensures that clients understand the outcomes from the beginning to the launching of their projects. We keep the client informed every step of the way, so there are no surprises! Our process begins with the Initial Consultation where we performed a Need Analysis. Then we have another consultation where we discuss every element within the proposed solution.

After we reach an agreed upon solution, we begin with the creative services of designing the user interface to submit to the client. When the client approves a design template, we begin the development of the website. During each phase of the development, we will upload the project to a secure server and send the client notification to review the work and performance. As soon as we complete the development and the client’s approves the project, we will upload it to the client’s server to launch the website.

1. Initial Consultation & Need Analysis

2. Proposal / Agreement

3. Designing

4. Development (consultation as needed)

5. Launching

Custom Software Development

For organizations that require web-enable software to support their business processes or looking to improve their existing web applications or integrate them with other systems? A & H Technology Group’s Software Engineers has tremendous experience with many large and complex systems over a host of different platforms. Our team specializes in web-based software development & systems integration. We use the same methodology in developing custom web-based applications for our clients. Our team focuses on understanding our client’s needs, and our project managers and engineers will walk with you through our proven process to deliver your critical business web based applications.

Custom web application development requires a 2-phase approach. During the first phase, we collaborate with the client to develop the plans (blueprint) for the software project. The planning phase includes collaborative sessions to brainstorm ideas, consider technical options, defining the requirements, creative services for the website design, document process flow and in some cases, developing a working module. Once this is complete, a much more accurate time and cost estimate can be provided for the development phase (which also includes testing and implementation).

You can be confidence in our services. We have been down this road so many times. We have developed all kinds of websites and custom web applications. We have worked with a variety of companies. Every project, big or small, requires the following – whether you fully document everything or simply think about each step. We will walk with you through this process. There will not be any surprises. Our clients know the outcome right from the beginning.

Customer Prospective

The customer is an important part of the development process. At A & H Technology Group we require our customers to clearly communicate the basics of their business, provide preliminary goals of their marketing campaign, outcomes of their project and render timely payment. A & H Technology Group pricing module is based totally dependent on your goals and the time needed to achieve those goals.

How to Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Contact one of our friendly knowledgeable Business Development Specialists today and we will be happy to discuss your goals, possible solutions, pricing, etc