Corporate Bio

Nathan Archer

Director of Business Development

Nathan has over 20 years of experience in starting, building and leading various companies. Prior to launching A & H Technology Group in 2012, Nathan was the CEO of X 1.0 Inc. (2004- 2011) a solution provider. During his tenure, Nathan utilized his business experience and learned how to use technical strategies into creating a solid business platform then took that platform and rebrand it into A & H Technology Group.

Early career experience includes being the Sales Specialist at Staples National Advantage  (1995- 1999) where Nathan assisted in managing 1.5 million dollars account with a fortune 100 financial firm. In addFrom fixing his first Windows 3.1 computer in 1994, Nathan fell in love with Technology. During his time with Staples National Advantage, Nathan learned a great deal as an Account Specialist. When the dot com era came, Nathan had to reinvent himself and used the two most passionate areas of his life; Technology and Business. He successfully created X 1.0 Inc. Nathan learned a lot during the lifetime of X 1.0 Inc. and closed the business in 2011.

Nathan formed A & H Technology Group where he is the Director of Business Development. A & H Technology Group provides their technical capabilities, Partners Products, services, and resources to organizations that require a key partner to assist their development and growth. A & H Technology Group works with partners to assist them in the following areas: streamlining business processes and driving down operational costs while maximizing customers' bottom line. A & H Technology Group’s mission is to inspire business owners by energizing their creative process to build a successful company that is transformative and makes a positive contribution in the world.

Prior to A & H, Nathan was a Purchasing Vendor at Smith Barney, Travelers Insurance, and Prudential for Staples National Advantage. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Long Island University. He also sits on the boards of United We Stand of New York and Brooklyn Equal Opportunity Center (BEOC). Nathan also volunteers for various nonprofit organizations, and is an advocate in the areas of Civil and Social Rights, Education Equality, and Science and Technology.ition he was a Senior Business Specialist at J J Paper (1988 – 1994) a small office supply company.

Nathan serves as a member of Business Advisory Council for Brooklyn, Educational Opportunity Center (BEOC) and he serves as a board member for United We Stand of New York.


Barrington R. Jones

Professional Services Technical Specialist

Barrington has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, building and maintaining S.O.H.O. To large client/server networks. Prior to becoming the Senior Engineer at A & H Technology Group in 2012, Barrington was the Director of IT at X 1.0 Inc. (2004- 2011) a solution provider. During his tenure, Barrington utilized his knowledge and experience as a consultant to build and implement many security policies and learned how to use technical strategies to create and maintain secure networks that will run A & H Technology Group.


Akshay Patel

Senior Programmer

Akshay has over 10 years as a relational database and a web developer. Akshay specializes in relational databases, PHP frameworks and their integration with various content management systems.

His main responsibility is application design, development and testing. Akshay gets involved at every stage of a project: starting from requirements gathering and design to final deployment and maintenance.


Sevron Ghee

Senior Software Developer

Sevron Ghee has had a 10 year career as a software developer both as an independent professional and as a hired professional in the profit and the non-profit sectors. The experience he has gained includes employment in the financial and health-care sector implementing solutions centered around window application development, website application development and database development. Following a strong ethical paradigm both in and out of the workplace, despite an inner desire to take on the most difficult problems that the very few would even attempt to solve, Mr. Ghee has always been very selective with both the many freelance projects available to him at his disposal and the places in which he chooses to employ himself despite being in high demand. 

In addition to the specific experience he has gained above in above work arenas Mr. Ghee has demonstrated his high logical and analytical abilities manifesting quality solutions in the computer and non-technical arena. His desire to satisfy his client’s demands to the smallest detail while still adding his own personal touch of sophistication has led to both visual and functional masterpieces satisfying the customer demand for more.

Mr. Ghee earned a Bachelor or Engineering in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and a Masters in Science in Computer Engineering from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY.

During his spare time, besides engaging in table tennis and basketball recreationally and for technical study, Mr. Ghee enjoys brainstorming and improving his ideas surrounding inventions, social programs and computer solutions to influence in the earth and its inhabitants in a positive fashion.

Brianna Bey

Business Development Specialist