About Us


A & H Technology is a complete technology company that provides technical consultation, designing, acquiring hardware, software and services, implementation, and managing technology platforms. Our strategic solutions are grouped into categories as listed:

General computer repair services

Physical Security

Managed Services

Cloud Services

Digital Media Development Services

With the utilization of customized technology and strategic business solution, we assist businesses with developing or streamlining their following processes; marketing, sales, onboarding, services, and retention. By streamlining their critical processes with the use of technology, we create efficiencies while providing companies with the opportunity to increase their market share.


A & H Technology Group’s mission is to inspire business owners by energizing their creative process to build a successful company that is transformative and makes a positive contribution in the world.

Why we’re different

We believe that no business can survive without technology and every business needs a trusted advisor that leads that company to its greatness. This is why we do what we do with technology.

We live business and technology 24 hours 7 days, 365 days in a year

We don't speak in technical terms, our solutions are easy to use and we provide information in plain English. Our portfolios of services tie together the best of industry and best practices and are integrated in such a way to empowers our clients to do more with less.

Our Goal

We want your business it's that simple. Once we have proven ourselves with our strategies, and services that will lower your cost, streamline your business process, provide you complete access to your data and business line applications and increased your revenue potential, we know you'll continuously partner with us. Even though business landscapes, markets, and customers constantly change, we want to be a part of your executive team, a partner that you can count on to grow your business and keep you well ahead of the competition.