Information Technology

As technology continues to grow at a fast pace, it is challenging for business owners to keep up with new technology and how to deploy, manage and gain the maximum benefits out of your investment. You are not fooled thinking that you don’t need technology or a cheap solution to run your business. You valued your business. You want your business to run as smoothly as possible and you know you need a trusted advisor that you can trust. That is where we come in; A & H Technology Group is the tech champion for small businesses.

At A & H Technology Group, we have the knowledge and expertise to create workable solutions for Non-Profit and Health Organizations. Our expert discipline falls into three main categories. The first category is our Technical Consultation Service (TCS).  The second category is our Technical Standard Repair Services and we offer the following class of services - 360 Technical Support Program, Microsoft Business Windows Upgrade (MBWUP) and X-Caliber Managed Security Services. The third category is our Comprehensive Technical Support Services. There is three offering in this category - First Server/Right Server, Networking Development, and 360 Total Complete.

• Technical Consulting Services (TCS)

Technical Consulting Services (TCS) provides multidisciplinary technical business solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. We provide the critical external point of reference to maximize the outcomes of purpose solutions for shifting complex scenarios. We help you identify and execute innovative ways to transform complexities into true competitive advantages. 

TCS services include:

  • ​New Project Development and Management
  • Vendor Management, Technology Acquisition and Disposition
  • IT Planning
  • IT Governance Process Review
  • IT Operations Assessment
  • Disaster recover planning and assessment

• 360 Technical Support

The 360 Technical Support Platform is built to provide technical support via online and onsite. With online services from 360 Technical Support Platform, you can receive our stellar services without leaving the comfort of your office. If your computer has no power or Internet connectivity, we can dispatch one of our tech champion specialists to your location.  Either way your computers will be restored without you leaving the comfort of your location.

• Microsoft Business Windows Upgrade (MBWUP)

The Microsoft Business Windows Upgrade (MBWUP) Service provides your company with onsite installation, setup, and training for the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. This program service provides onsite support for small businesses transitioning from either Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP to Windows 7.  Microsoft Business Windows Upgrade Service will help you optimize your existing computing environment and upgrade your business.

• Excalibur Managed Services (EMS)

Excalibur Managed Services (EMS) protect you from internet attack, stopping unauthorized access and preventing worms, Trojans, and viruses from taking down your network. Our service will check to see if your computer system has the latest updates and scan your system for any infestations and remove them as required. EMS takes this burden off your shoulders, providing the security solutions and expertise to monitor and respond to threats 24 x 7 x 365.

• First Server / Right Server
The First Server / Right Server Program provides an affordable, simple to manage, all-in-one solution to help secure and protect partner-clients  business data, manage and share their documents, and run critical business-line applications. 

• 360 Total Complete Network Management

360 Total Complete Network Management offers business continuity solutions for prospective small-to-medium Partner-clients.  The 360 Total Complete provides an enterprise-class technology for business’s needs, without the costs or hassles of an on premise solution. We free business owners from IT problems so they can focus on running their business and reduce their IT expenses by 25% or more.

You’ll be in good company.

We built our business by helping other businesses with outside-of-the box strategies and powerful solutions that support their technical business platform. We are professional who are into service and in the business of helping other businesses. We fully understand that great solutions are derived from a continuous process of analysis, planning, implementation and deployment but it all begin with a plan. We are that team to create that plan! So Let's Get the Conversation Started! Drop us a line and tell us a bit about your project or issues and while you are at it, ask about our free Tech Audit.